Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Can Hear It All...

It's Sunday afternoon and as I sit here posting this entry, I open my window at home and what do I hear? Live music of Marktrock coming from Oude Markt right into my place! Now if I could only see it all...

As I try to think back about this week, I find it a difficult task over Monza's music, but I can't complain, Marktrock has been a blast! When I first looked at the bill of bands to play this weekend, I really didn't recognize anyone. I fast realized the benefit of this is discovering countless new bands I want to run home and download.

Anouk will be on later tonight - and at first I didn't recognize her name, but I checked out her myspace page and she has a very popular song out right now...can't remember the name. Anyone know her?

The best live show I saw this weekend was Pete Philly & Perquisite ( ...awesome tunes. They're a 5 man band with saxo, piano, bass, electric bass, and lead singer freestylin'! Unique and very cool.

Even better than the bands though was the rrrandom fun with friends this weekend. Getting entry to private parties and just being straight-up-silly. Miguel and I randomly met the original organizer of Marktrock for first 24 years in the Stella Artois Hospitality Suite!

This week at work I officially received my targets that I will be measured on and must achieve. Next week is going to be extremely busy, as I'm presenting my first major project to the Stella Artois team and then leading a status meeting on another project, back to back :) So work has been a great challenge...I can't wait to get my food vouchers though - will make lunch more affordable!

Work has also arranged for me to have French lessons, as my ability to speak french will be a key criteria for returning to the Canadian offices and surprisingly, my spanish came in handy this week too! The Brand Manager of Becks needed some changes done on a design, but needed a spanish speaker to send the request. All other spanish speakers were out of the office, so I offered my services (and I'll admit...I was holding my breath to see if the design was going to come back as requested)...and it did! I knew all of that language work would come in handy sometime!

This upcoming Friday is a national holiday, so a group of us interns are off to Vienna for a few days. Has anyone been there and recommend a place to visit or things to do? Let me know as we're open for ideas!

I think I'm going to venture back out into the madness and go see another show...sounds like a new band has just hit the stage.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Love...

...Life as an intern!

On Friday night I was in Brussels at the AIESEC MC transition party at the club Puro Brasil and Landry and I were compairing our lifestyles from when we were on the MC vs. being on an internship. What a difference!

There is never a dull moment! One of the things I love about Leuven is that it is small, quiet and charming, but if you want to find a party - they're easy to find. Also, having such a huge intern community is GOLD - always groups of friends ready and willing to meet up or travel at any time. If you miss the big city, you can visit any of the London's, Paris's and Amsterdam's within a couple hours train ride away.

This week was highlighted by many fun events; our last salsa lessons on Wednesday night (until they begin again in September), July 31st was the final day of sales (everything on sale in Leuven! Mad shopping.), hosting friends for a Parijstraat dinner at my new studio on Thursday, our Friday night trip to Brussels and Eric's Bar last night with the intern crew.

Work is going great and has been getting progressively more challenging as I'm given more responsibilities. Deadlines are nearing, so this week will be busy. I've been making full use of the free gym at work too!

What's up next? Leuven is preparing itself this week for it's largest festival of the year this weekend, Markt Rock. It's a 3 day massive concert right in the heart of Leuven...only a block from home...meaning limited sleep this weekend! A group of us interns are going to be travelling to Vienna the weekend after - should be fun!

Hasta luego amigos!