Monday, July 14, 2008

And so it starts :)

Today was my first day of work!

What a way to start my first day...I roll out of bed only to read in the New York Times that InBev has bought Anheuser Busch. WOOT! New job, new country, new life....and new company!

As I arrived this morning at work with Juan, I went directly into a breakfast with my Marketing team and followed with meetings all throughout the day! I learned all about the Stella Artois brand, Point of Connection materials, Becks and all it's performance indicators, signed my contract, chatted with my boss about all of my responsibilities AND enjoyed a great lunch with the interns.

Seriously...I think I love this job :)

Tomorrow I'm going to have more meetings with my Marketing team about the World Draught Master competition and get to know the other multi-country brands (Brahma, Leffe, ect.)

EXCITING NEWS!!! I also just signed for a flat today after work! I will send pictures vvvvery soon - I get to move in tomorrow! It's small, only around 22 square meters, but absolutely brand new, fully furnished and in the centre of town...WOW! I couldn't believe I lucked out! I'm paying my deposit and picking up the keys tomorrow, muhaha.

Ookies, just enjoyed a master feast a la Juan and we're about to watch a movie.

I'm out for today - photos to come soon!


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