Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunny + Satisfying Saturday!

Summer is officially here! Today, Assem and I were on the hunt for tennis courts, and after buying racquets and tennis balls - we were disappointed that the one community centre we had scouted out didn't have their courts open yet! So we were told that they wouldn't be open until June...why June?!? It's 23 degrees and sunny!

So we continued our hunt and ended up finding one just off of Yonge and Eglington, in a "private / residents only" apartment complex. Hehe...we pretended. After 90 minutes of game - the sun was going behind the buildings and we headed back to Assem's apartment. As I type, we're getting ready for a fun night out at the Piano Bar at Maddy's - This has been on Sunny + Satisfying Saturday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do something different today...

I challenge you to do something different today.

Why don't we ever challenge our professors in what they're teaching?
Why do we eat dessert last?
Why are work hours always 9 to 5?
Why do people email the person sitting beside them?
Why do we eat with utensils?

Just think about how normalized life has become. What are you going to do today that is different?

Egypt Study Tour

And here are just a few photos from the study tour of Hurghada, Luxor and Cairo after the conference:

Study Tour Crew

Red Sea Mountains

Local Nomad Boy - Red Sea Mountains

The New Kingdom - Luxor

Farmers Field near The Nile - Luxor

Tombs of the Nobles - Luxor

Great Pyramids at Giza

Monday, March 26, 2007

AIESEC International Presidents Meeting - Egypt!

I've been thinking about how best to recap my trip to Egypt and IPM. I had the option to write pages upon pages about each day in detail, but figured pictures would speak louder than words. So here is the recap of the conference portion of my trip to Egypt.

Conference Site - Red Sea, Egypt

Opening Ceremonies - Egyptian Performers

Global Village - Sweden, Ireland and Canada

AIESEC International Roll Call!

President of AIESEC International Elections - CONGRATS Gabitza!

Western Europe North America AIESEC President Elects

AIESEC International Director Announcements - CONGRATS Shirley!

10+ Hour Legislation (Yes, it is 6am!)

MCP's UK, US and Canada - Sunrise on the beach

AIESEC International VP Announcements

Egytian Night