Monday, October 02, 2006

Canada in 2020

A really good friend of mine, Adrian Sia Lu and Brenda Schroeder have collaborated on a short essay about Canada in 2020. It's part of a contest asking people to examine what changes they feel will/want to happen in the next few years to shape what Canada will look like in 2020. The website is

Their essay is about 'deep democracy' - a democracy that will actually involve and engage instead of simply carrying on the way we are today.

They hope that it is one that will empower ordinary citizens to play a more active, positive, and listening role in governing and making better their local communities. They invite and would like to encourage you to visit the site and read their essay - feedback to them is welcome!
(Disclosure: If you post and contribute on the site, they might have a greater chance of winning the CAD$2020 prize!)



Celine said...

oh. do you have adrian's contact ? i am looking for him !

Mischa said...

Happy birthday John!! I hope you have a great day... and even better: a wonderful year full of love and friendship!

Hope to see you one day in Amsterdam, or somewhere else in this small world ;-)

Keep enjoying!

Mischa, Amsterdam (WENA Newies 2005)

PS. Apparently my "Congrats with your MC-year" card from Mexico, this spring, never arrived :-( Well.. Aine didn't receive one either; but I was hoping you'd get it because it's the same continent :-D

Nithya said...

happy belated bday jk! it was nice having you in edmonton :D