Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Bridge to No-Where...

The Bridge to No-Where..., originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

LC Visit Diaries: Visit #3 - Fredericton.

Thank you Fredericton! During my last night in Fredericton, Ken took me on a little tour downtown and he introduced me to the Bridge to No-Where. It basically is a pedestrian bridge over the highway.

The posts you see in the Saint John river behind us are from the old bridge that used to cross here (the new bridge is about 500 meters up stream.

Fredericton = What a beautiful city! And the UNB campus is AMAZING! All of the buildings are brick and it is situated on a hill overlooking the city. *Sigh*.

I miss you guys already!

The Afghan Horseman???

The Afghan Horsemen???, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

LC Visit Diaries: Visit #2 - UBC.

Thank you UBC! My first evening in Vancouver, UBC was holding a going away dinner for their intern Pim, who is heading to Queens to get his masters. I also got to meet Marit, UBC's newest CEEDer from the Netherlands, as well as an AIESEC member from Korea!

The food was excellent! But I still wonder to this day why it was called the Afghan Horseman...hmmm....there wasn't any horse on the menu :s The chicken kabob's were sure good though!

I'll see you guys again in a couple weeks!

Fancy Shmancy :)

Fancy Shmancy :), originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

LC Visit Diaries: Visit #1 - Winnipeg.

Thank you Toba! Yeppers, Toba started off my visits in style with an all-expenses-paid dinner at the Royal Crown Revolving Restaurant overlooking Winnipeg.

Honestly, what beats free wine, delicious food and excellent conversation?!? Thank you Lovepreet for your restaurant connection!

JK loves Toba too :)