Thursday, July 20, 2006


Happy Birthday Jen, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Happy Birthday Jen :) I know it's two days early - but I couldn't help it! These are some photos of my favourite places in around the office (the office isn't one of my favourite places though :p, that's an exception). I'll try and call you Saturday. Hope the conference in Nairobi is going well!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

May MC Team Retreat. Camera 1.

Dennis used his photo mastery skills on me while I was playing the guitar. Thank you Dennis!

May MC Team Retreat. Camera 2.

And then he did it again from another angle...

May MC Team Retreat. Camera 3.

And then again...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Afrofest 2006

Afrofest, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Here is a random festival I stumbled across a couple weekends ago in Queens Park, Toronto. Got to listen to some great live music (I'm such a sucker for african rhythm and beats music) and got to eat some jerk chicken from the Carribean booth.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

One year ago today, I was in Beijing.

Today was really a celebration and reminder of my trip last year to China. After doing a CEED in Beijing for 2 months with the AIESEC China MC team, I never thought that a year later, all of it would come rushing back to me.

It all started this morning, when ironically, I watched my CEED video on China. (Found at - search 'CEED'). I had some good laughs and reminised about the good times.

Then ironically, this afternoon, I received an email from Amanda in Edmonton, telling me that the article she wrote about my CEED experience in China was published today on page 3 of the Travel section in the Edmonton Journal. (The online copy can be found at

Then, to top off the evening, Shirley's mom is visiting from Michigan and took us all out for an amazing Peking duck dinner. While waiting for a table, I went shopping and bought 6 'street' DVD's for $20 :)

So for some reason or another - I feel like these events have all fallen into place to remind me not to forget about the impact that my experience on China had on me. The friends that I made. The funny and unforgettable stories I have. The memories I'll never forget.

xia xia ni.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

We Came...

We Came..., originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

AIESEC Ottawa did an EXCELLENT job hosting around 50 AIESECers this weekend in the Nation's Capital for Canada Day celebrations. Our wonderful organizer Danielle and gracious host Kamala, did an excellent job in pulling off this great event!

We Saw...

We Saw..., originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

This is the Parliament Grounds in Ottawa in the day and at night. During the day, there were concerts, events on the streets and just people everywhere! At night, we enjoyed the fireworks.

We Conquered.

We Conquered., originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Yes sir-ree. Imagine having 13 people on a busy street near the Parliament Building in Ottawa on Canada Day spelling out 'Canada' with their bodies. Random people started taking pictures everywhere! Everyone on the street in front of us just stopped, realized what we were doing and snapped photos. I won't lie...we loved the attention :)

Happy Birthday Canada!!!

Happy Birthday Canada!!!, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

When I was asked if I wanted to sign Canada's Birthday Card, I jumped right at the opportunity! I decided instead of just writing my name though, I would do a little something I traced my hand on the card :)

Ottawa. What a great weekend!

This weekend, I got a chance to relax and enjoy the sites of Ottawa with the rest of the National Team. As great as the weekend was the small things of everyday life that really made this weekend special for me. My top 3:

1. Brunch at Colin and Sonia's. What amazing hosts! Being the Chair of the Board of Directors, Colin was gratious enough to have the entire national team all over for brunch on Sunday morning. We got to meet his lovely family, feast on homemade gooooooodness...(it was sooo nice to have a homecooked meal!) and just relax in the comforts of a family home. It was the ultimate 'zen' for all of our team...and we all absolutely loved the short 3 hours we got to spend with Colin and his family. Thanks again!

2. Driving! We rented a brand new Jeep Cheroke with only 8km. on it for the weekend. 967 kilometers later, we have returned to our house in Toronto. But having the chance to drive to Ottawa (and also a little joy-ride after returning to Toronto...hehe...) it made me feel normal again. The little things that I used to take for granted - now mean so much.

3. Partying at the Cabin. On Friday night, after arriving in Ottawa, Carolyn, Jean-Nic and myself headed down to a club in Byward Market called The Cabin. It was absolutely packed with other Canada Day celebrants from across Canada and it was just great getting to party in a packed bar and dancing until close. It definitely was something I miss from Edmonton and the atmosphere at this bar was so much fun!

Thank you Ottawa for an amazing weekend :)