Monday, June 19, 2006

Much Music Video Awards 2006

Yes, that's right - Carolyn and I were RIGHT on the red carpet of the MMVA's. Going clock-wise from top-left: Hedley practicing before the show, Nelly Furtado, host of Canada's Next Top Model, Tori Spelling, Nick Lachey, Paris Hilton, Jay from America's Next Top Model, Rihanna and Carolyn and I. Talk about getting up close and personal with the celebrities! I also think I have enough photos to start my own tabloid :p

Roller coasters, Rain and Sponge Bob Square Pants Ponchos

Imagine 9 crazy people being let loose for one full day at Canada's Wonderland!!! Roller coaster after Roller coaster, we got more and more soaked from the rain and had created killer headaches for ourselves! What a blast though! Now we'll just need to go back when it's sunny :p

My Humble Abode...

My Humble Abode..., originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Welcome one, welcome my humble abode. Yes, I have officially moved in to 18 Ross Street in Toronto (and am loving it! We're central to EVERYTHING the city has to offer). My room is up on the second floor at the front of the house, so I get alot of the sunlight into my room and is still relatively quiet. Mmm - I like my room.

Welcome to Toronto!!!

Since moving to Toronto almost a month ago, I have learnt 5 key things:

1. It's humid!
2. Living in downtown Toronto offers you anything and everything within a 10 minute walk.
3. Torontonians actually do cheer for the Oilers in the Playoffs!
4. Raccoons are creeeeepy little creatures.
5. How much I miss the sun going down at 10:30pm during the summer in Edmonton!

So it has been about one month since my last update, and WOW - this past month has been an absolute blur. I feel quite guilty that I haven't kept my blog more updated, but it is now 12:35am on Monday night and this is the only time I have found available to sit down and type. *Sigh*.

Since the middle of May, I have moved out of my old place with Conny and Mario in Edmonton, tried my best to say goodbyes before leaving, spending as much time with Jen as possible before we both took off for different continents, move to Toronto (which included sleeping on Assems futon for the first couple weeks - thanks dude), starting turnover and transition for my AIESEC job - 6 days a week, 10 to 12 hour days.....and trying to explore the city on the odd day off. So I've included a few photos above of highlights from this past month, but am really looking forward to getting started in my position as Regional Vice President and getting to see Toronto a bit more in July.