Sunday, April 23, 2006


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A couple weeks ago, Jen and I just decided to randomly make some martinis. So using my expert bartending prowess - I whipped up the following FAB martinis. (Tried - Tested - And True)

Chocolate Love:
2 scoops ice cream
1 oz. Kahlua
1 oz. Frangelico
Mix in blender. Garnish with chocolate sauce swirled around rim of martini glass.

Strawberry Champagne:
2 diced strawberries
1 oz. Grey Goose Vodka
1 oz. Oyster Bay Chardonnay
3 oz. 7-Up
Shake strawberries, vodka, chardonnay and ice in martini shaker until strawberries broken up. Serve in martini glass, then add 7-Up. Garnish with strawberry.

Off the beaten track...

Off the beaten track..., originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Usually about 3 or 4 times a year, my family and I take a road trip down to Spokane, Washington to see my relatives. Easter, Christmas and summer holidays are the usual trips. People always wonder how my family can drive 12 hours there and 12 hours back. Well - just for the curious - here's what we see.

Time to celebrate!!!

Time to celebrate!!!, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Woo-hoo! This is Sue and I at our Faculty of Business Graduation, celebrating the fact that we are finally done school! Yes - I have been done since December, but they put all of us into one big group. This was a night full of random shananigans!

Note to self: Don't stress out.

To-Do lists have officially taken over my life.

Yes, that's right, Excel has become my new best....errrr, worst friend - depending upon how you look at it. I am trying to get all of my random shit ready before I leave for 2.5 weeks to Vancouver and Hamilton, so I have resorted to making lists for everything!

Let's see...I have a list for 1) Things I need to do at the bank 2) Things I need to do to secure my mortgage 3) Things I need to do before I sell my car 4) AIESEC prep work I need to do for NLDC 5) Things I need to do for moving to Toronto for my MC term.

Trust me...this is a lot of stuff to do. All stuff that I am pretty unaccustomed to doing. I am extremely excited to start my MC term in Toronto for AIESEC, but just want it to happen *now*. The build-up has been killing me...answering questions to friends and family about what exactly my plans are and if I have gotten everything done that I need to do before moving. (Then I go into explaining my Excel To-Do lists to them).

I read my horoscope today and it put a smile on my face. It said that 'Although life is hectic, don't stress out. Take time out for yourself and take everything one step at a time.'