Sunday, February 19, 2006

Anyone for some ASS?

Anyone for some ASS?, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

ASS = Alberta Saskatchewan Seminar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a small AIESEC conference put on by Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon (Toba - we missed you guys!). This year it was just outside of Calgary...and unfortunately I'm not in the picture...I was the photographer :(

Let it be officially known here - that AIESEC Edmonton won the Howie...errr, Cowie Competition for ASS 2006. FYI - this was a competition where each LC made up their own mean drink concoction and had other LC's vote to see who would be the Cowie Champion. Edmonton's drink consisted of over $100 of liquor and mix that was enough to fill two cooking large pots for drinking out of :)

Coldplay: Holy Frigga-ma-jigg!!!

Talk about one fucking amazing concert! (I wonder if that will get censored out...hehe). They had everything from huge yellow beach balls falling from the rafters to the lead singer taking someone's cell phone in the front row and singing to the person on the other line. Jen and I were in Vancouver to see them a few weeks ago...and can you believe it - they have decided to call it quits!!! They just announced last week at the Brit Awards that they are breaking up! Well - I guess this was a good time to see them in concert!

Vancouver: It's Sunny!

Vancouver: It's Sunny!, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Who cares if it's January?!? If the sun comes out in Vancouver - you go to the beach! That is my rule of thumb :p

OK, so for those of you that don't know...Vancouver almost broke some world record for the most consecutive days of rain (I think they were at 28 days)...and when it stopped: this was the result. We had to go to the beach!

My Month in Review...

Well, I have not written in a very long time and you know, I have come to the realization that the longer I wait...and the longer I put off my next blog entry...the bigger of a challenge it becomes (well, in my head anyway).

So I finally sat myself down after a month and a half of not writing anything and I typed away for about 30 minutes - just on everything that has happened to me since January 1st.

Well, this is where the story gets interesting....well, more frustrating actually. After I had everything all typed up, I hit the spellcheck button, and after having my norton antivirus block the pop-up whole entry just vanished before my eyes.

It was like this huge 'writters block' had one last final laugh in my face. Rrrr. But there is no way I am leaving this computer without writting something to all of my devoted fans. Wait - do I have any fans?


Alas, I might be writing to myself, but it at least lets me look back and recap this last whirlwind of a month. It included passing an AIESEC SN Review Board, going on a trip with Jen to Vancouver to see Coldplay in concert and being selected to be the Regional Vice President for West and Atlantic for AIESEC Canada's Member Committee team 2006-2007!!! I had many other small accomplishments this month, like getting back to the swimming pool and trying to get myself back into the same sort of shape while I was in China last summer (it's hard with a completely different diet though! Especially a Canadian diet!) Work at Managewise seems to just get busier and busier...just when I think it is going to slow down, it speeds up.

And this past month has been really good for being with my family. My parents have been inviting us out for dinner every Friday in January and February and it has been so much fun to just sit down with them and joke about normal - everyday sort of things. Life and relationships with your parents only get better once you move out...seriously! The same can be said with my sister too when she moved out. I think it's a change in perspecitive and instead of knowing you are stuck with them all of the time, you start enjoying the limited amount of time that you actually get to spend together. *Sigh*....ok - that was my reflective moment for the evening. It's over now :p

That's all for tonight.....signing off.....

Note to self: Don't hit spellcheck.