Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas Card Fiasco

Christmas Card Fiasco, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

Christmas Card Fiasco

Are you currently living away from home and miss receiving all of those Christmas cards in December? Are you away from your family this Christmas season and want something to cheer you up? Are you sick and tired of receiving 'e-greetings' from people in replacement of Christmas cards? Are you asking yourself why people no longer send Christmas cards anymore?

Well wonder no more. Let me introduce to you the Christmas Card Fiasco.

I will be sending out Christmas cards from my cozy little home here in Edmonton, Canada this Christmas season. If you would like to receive a Christmas card (even if I am a complete stranger to you), I want to see how many people around the world I can send Christmas cards to.

What do you have to do? Post your mailing address in the comments or email it to me at johnnyringo82@hotmail.com and you will soon have a Christmas card in the mail from me to you :)

Even for friends or people in Edmonton - if you're interested, leave your address and you'll get one too! I will be keeping track of how many countries I can send Christmas cards to on this blog...so spread the word!

Let the Christmas Card Fiasco begin!