Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This is just soooo....RANDOM

Sergio and Jess are truly enjoying their last few minutes with the Spirit Keg before Edmonton handed it over to SFU. I love how in the background Saira looks totally discusted and Mario extremely happy. This picture explains why Sergio won the 'Most Random Delegate' award :)

On Our Way To The Island

On Our Way To The Island, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

So imagine me driving 6 internationals, including an Aussie as my navigator and DJ around Vancouver in a tiny Ford rental van trying to find Granville Island. Soooo much fun!

Interns on Granville Island

Interns on Granville Island, originally uploaded by johnnyringo82.

We finally made it to the island! This was taken right before we took a mini-boat across to downtown for our picnic (where we were attacked by flocks of random birds!)

Vancouver and SFU: What a Conference...

So you would think since I joined AIESEC in my first year of university - 2001, that by 2005, I would be tired of going to AIESEC conferences....au contraire mon ami! Canada's Western Regional Conference this last weekend was a blast!

Random Moments:

* Being whisked around the lobby on a luggage cart drinking rum and coke from a coffee pot after the final banquet.

* Attending the "No Pants Party" on Saturday night at the pizza joint after leaving the club.

* Listening to random one-liners from international AIESECers while singing "I used to work in Chicago"...on the bus to the club.

* Having water guns shot at me to wake me up Sunday morning...rrr...

Memorable Moments:

* Sitting on a beach in downtown Vancouver having an impromptu picnic with interns from Australia, Columbia, Argentina, Mexico et "Les Filles Francaises"

* Having a private guitar jam session with 3 other AIESECers on the Mezz. floor before heading out to the club on Saturday.

* Going out for sushi Friday afternoon with Rosy and Assem.

* Chatting with Jen Pendura (our chair) about AIESEC stuff and life in general.

At the conference I got the opportunity to facilitate the intern track (you guys kick ass!), guide a group through an AIESEC XP Simulation and hold discussion groups on my CEED in China as well as the Influence of Media on Society. I regret not taking more time to sit down with Heather and the MC and talk about more NDT initiatives, but I feel really happy with our teams current direction and activity.

The conference was extremely organized and the facility was great...hats off to the OC.