Wednesday, June 08, 2005

China: And So The Journey Begins…

I am sitting on the plane right now on my way to Beijing – we’ve been up in the air for about eight hours already, so I suspect we have about another five hours to go.

How am I feeling right now? Anxious…Excited…Nervous…Giddy…Cautious…I am experiencing all of these feelings wrapped together at once – it’s quite bizarre! I really can not wait to get to Beijing though and start my new two-month life abroad.

I’m sure that very soon I will have a lot to report on, but at this time – right now – all I really have to say is that it has finally hit me. I am going to China! I will be living in China for two months! I will be travelling throughout the country! I will be meeting new people every day! I will experience high’s and low’s, but they will only just contribute to this incredible experience.

The plan is to get picked up at the airport by Leon, the MCP of AIESEC China and Pierre, one of the international MC members from India. Hopefully I am able to spot them ‘ok’ and we don’t have any crazy logistical mishaps…haha…and if we do – it will make for a really good story.

That’s it for now. Beijing here I come.

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Gudrun said...

Hi John!

I wish you a really good start in China! Take up the challenge and all the exciting new things for you. It will be amazing.

Gretz from Switzerland