Wednesday, June 08, 2005

4 Days in Vegas...

I have just returned from a dual bachelor party in Las Vegas. Thanks again to Cory and Cory for such a great time! Just imagine this…thirteen guys in Las Vegas for four days…gambling, drinking and hanging out at the pool. That is the life! I would like to think that I have become quite experienced in the areas of betting on the horse races, blackjack, craps and roulette…the casino definitely got the better of me this trip though.

With this being the third time that I have been to Las Vegas – I also started better understand life in Las Vegas for the locals (definitely a life I would never want to live). Everyone there is just trying to get by – and if that means scamming people for money, lying through their teeth or just doing whatever it takes to make money – they’ll do it. “Business” in Las Vegas is completely different than any other city. It’s all about who you know and how everyone is connected to the right people.

After already going through the phase of initial excitement and disillusionment during my first two visits, I really started to notice a lot more of the blue collar, run down and tired parts of Las Vegas. For example, one night I was playing blackjack in the Stardust Hotel and had a woman – my grandma’s age – serving me drinks all night. Part of me wonders if she is happy doing this or is she just trapped in this industry and lifestyle?

Needless to say – Vegas was a blast and I got to know a great group of guys, but I also saw a different side to Las Vegas that really makes it unappealing to ever want to live there. Four days was just perfect for me.

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