Thursday, May 26, 2005

Preparing to say goodbye...

It's weird - when you're leaving for another country for two months, how do you decide who to see and who not to see with that precious time that you only have before you leave? Is it easiest to have a 'Farewell Party?' it better to hang out one-on-one with each person? How much time do I dedicate to my family versus my friends? These are all questions I'm asking myself right now...

Even though I leave on June 7th for China, I have a trip to Vancouver and Las Vegas planned between now and then which leaves me with about two days to do any final preparation for my trip and say my farewells. I really shouldn't complain since I am incredibly lucky to be travelling so much...but the question of 'what do you do with your last few days?' has been hanging over my head. Do I keep preparing for my trip to China or do I just enjoy the time I have left in Canada? Am I too prepared? Am I not prepared enough?

But my lovely concious has put my mind at ease and I'm just going to go with the flow :)

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Life is beautiful said...

update this would you?
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Happy holidays