Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Big Pimpin' in Van City

It is now 12:57am on the last Monday of the month. I came to Vancouver for my Cultural Preparation seminar for China that is put on by CIDA. I flew in from Edmonton this morning, had my first day of sessions and am now sitting in my hotel room in Vancouver contemplating my near future and trip to China.

I'm staying at the Fairmont Waterfront (of course, with my lovely staff discount) and have been upgraded to a deluxe room on the top floor. How snazzy.

Tonight I had a great time and went out for beers with Rosy and Justin - catching up on old times and hearing Justin's stories from his trip to China last year. Tomorrow morning it will be back to the Cultural Preparation session nice and early.

With that - I bid you adieu.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Preparing to say goodbye...

It's weird - when you're leaving for another country for two months, how do you decide who to see and who not to see with that precious time that you only have before you leave? Is it easiest to have a 'Farewell Party?'...is it better to hang out one-on-one with each person? How much time do I dedicate to my family versus my friends? These are all questions I'm asking myself right now...

Even though I leave on June 7th for China, I have a trip to Vancouver and Las Vegas planned between now and then which leaves me with about two days to do any final preparation for my trip and say my farewells. I really shouldn't complain since I am incredibly lucky to be travelling so much...but the question of 'what do you do with your last few days?' has been hanging over my head. Do I keep preparing for my trip to China or do I just enjoy the time I have left in Canada? Am I too prepared? Am I not prepared enough?

But my lovely concious has put my mind at ease and I'm just going to go with the flow :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Partying in Spain at the AIESEC WENA 2005 conference in March. Posted by Hello

My Encounter with Royalty...

The Queen is in town and everyone has been running around like mad trying to get everything prepared for her stop in Edmonton. Honestly - with all due respect to the Queen - it's all a big pain in the butt.

She's staying at the Hotel MacDonald where I work and everyone has been preparing for days - not to mention the numerous security checks done on the hotel by RCMP, city police, the British Police and Royal bodyguards (or whatever you want to call them).

They told us not to tell anyone that the Queen is staying at the hotel, but for the last 3 days, her exact schedule (including where she is staying!) has been in the newspaper. This defeats the whole purpose behind keeping it all a secret, no???

I had a lengthy discussion at the bar yesterday with one of the soldiers who is responsible for putting up the Royal Flag where ever the Queen travels. He was explaining to me what a science it really is: the technique for folding the flag and the exact timing for unveiling the flag upon her arrival. He said he actually had to study a manual on how to operate the flag before it was given to him.

Needless to say, I got to see the Queen upon her arrival yesterday at the hotel. Very anti-climatic and to be honest, I had a better time serving her hairdresser than I did sneaking a peak at her official arrival to the hotel :p

Let me finish this entry with: I'm glad I don't have to work today.